by Teemu Korkalainen


Restaurant Laukko serves the best Finnish tastes in a manor milieu straight from the pages of a storybook.

Table reservations: TableOnLine (starting from 1 May 2022).


Opening hours

8 June–19 June (Wen–Sun 12 noon–5 pm)

28 June–31 July (everyday 12 noon–5 pm/10 pm*)
*on concert days

1 August–21 August (Tu–Sun 12 noon–5 pm/10 pm*)


The Chef’s Summer Table

(example menu)

Marinated green salad with strawberry vinaigrette

Broccoli and steamed nuts

Caesar salad and roasted onions

The Manor’s potato salad and pickled onions

Tabbouleh, pomegranate and flat leaf parsley

Beetroot barley, beetroot and goat cheese


Chili mayonnaise

Ciabatta bread with churned butter


Deer roast braised overnight

Dark rosemary sauce

Herb potatoes

Roasted salmon and spring onions

Summer root vegetables and mushrooms


Coffee and tea with a small sweet dessert


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Laukontie 32
37370 Vesilahti

0400 237 380 (ma-to klo 12-16)