Tulosta sivu

Laukko summer 2021 culminates in twenty amazing park concerts.

The six-hectare concert park offers a unique and airy milieu to the performances of some of the brightest stars of Finnish music.

A concert ticket to Laukko Manor also always provides you with access to the greatest, most beautiful art summer in Finland.


Pauli Hanhiniemi MAD | 30.6.

Samuli Putro | 3.7.

BEHM | 7.7.

Maria Ylipää | 8.7.

Samuli Edelmann & Suora Lähetys | 10.7.

Marjo Leinonen & Jukka Perko | 14.7.

Jonna Tervomaa | 17.7.

Aili Ikonen | 21.7.

Greenrose Faire & Rohan Tallit | 22.-23.7.

Anna Eriksson | 24.7.

Waltteri Torikka | 28.7.

Neljä Ruusua | 30.7.

Club For Five | 31.7.

Angelika Klas & Kotaja Quintet | 4.8.

Kimmo Pohjonen Skin | 7.8.

Johanna Försti | 11.8.

Jaakko Ryhänen | 13.8.

Jarkko Ahola | 14.8.

Suvi Teräsniska | 19.8.

Miljoonasade | 20.8.


Entrance tickets

Concert ticket €27.50

Buy in advance:

A ticket to the museum is included in the concert price.

Time: at 6 pm (duration about 1.5–2 hours)

Concert park

A fairy tale concert park at the heart of a historical manor milieu on the shoe of Pyhäjärvi. There
are around 800 seats with tables in front of the concert stage, free for the visitors to choose.

You are also very welcome to bring your own camping chairs and picnic blankets to the concert park,
comprising six hectares. (Photos of the concert park are available here.)

Three Park Terraces serve the concert visitors in the historical manor park. In addition to a wide
range of refreshments, we also serve Belgian waffles and hot dogs.

Please remember that theevent area in its entirety is a licensed service area of the Park Terraces, and bringing your own
refreshments and snacks in the area is not allowed.

If you have brought your own picnic, you can enjoy it in the lawn areas surrounding the park.



We recommend arriving early to Laukko, as the concert ticket also allows you access to the largest art summer in Finland.

Exhibitions by Heikki Marila and Tamara Piilola are held in the main

The art and historical exhibitions and the Manor Boutique are open on the concert days (from 12 noon to 8 pm).


Restaurant and Café

Restaurant Laukko serves delicious summer dishes (from 12 noon to 9 pm) to concert visitors in an elegant milieu.

An example menu of the Chef’s Summer Table is available here.

Café and its terrace also serve the concert visitors all day long, from 12 noon to 8 pm.

Find out more about the cinematic Laukko Manor café here.



40 km south of Tampere.

Less than a two-hour drive from Helsinki, Turku and Pori.

Tulosta sivu

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