The large Laukko Boutique features the famous historical Manor’s own products as well as gifts and decorations that radiate olden-time charm.

The selection of Laukko delicacies encompasses local handcrafted sweets, honey, chili compotes, ice teas and beers.

The elegant design of the Manor delicacies, books and interior decoration items is created by Turku-based architect and designer Susanna Raunio.

Laukko books, praised by both readers and critics, are one of the most popular products in the boutique. PhD Liisa Lagerstam, an awarded historian, skilfully leads the readers through the major adventures of Laukko Manor’s history.

The most iconic product in the Manor Boutique is the Lungo watering can, inspired by an old-time coffee pot.

The glasses are blown in Scanglas ironworks village, following the models of historical, archaeological discoveries. Each cup, individually blown and decorated by hand, is its own, unique piece of art.

Laukko is a paradise for friends of vintage flower patterns.

The boutique features both Simply Scandinavia flower pots familiar from many Swedish castles as well as English Burleigh tableware with their blue and white patterns.

For the lovers of the Arts & Crafts style, we offer a wide range of gift products inspired by William Morris.

The vintage flower and plant drawings from Uppsala University delight the customers in the beautiful and affordable product selection by Sköna Ting. Sköna Ting’s posters, serviettes, soaps, candles and notebooks have been designed and manufactured in Stockholm.

The boutique also sells Laukko eagle jewellery, made by Finnish goldsmiths.

The silver and bronze eagle jewellery are replicas of the unique, ancient piece of jewellery from the Viking era discovered in the Manor lands in 2015.

By purchasing Laukko eagle jewellery, you will support the archaeological research in Laukko

Opening hours:

8 June–28 April 2022 (Sat–Sun 12 noon–5 pm)

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